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Metallux AG celebrates its 35th anniversary

Metallux AG, based in Nellmersbach near Stuttgart, in Swabia, celebrates its 35th company anniversary on July 3, 2021. The company is one of the world's leading manufacturers of sensors in thick-film technology.
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MLX 2021 03 LI Dummy

Metallux sensors in crashtest-dummies

For over 70 years, their knowledge has ensured our vehicle safety – Crashtest Dummies! Since the first models, these dummies have become more and more “intelligent” and can give us more information about what happens to the human body in a vehicle accident. Key fact: [...]
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MLX 2021 03 LI Windkraftrad

Metallux resistors in wind turbines

The function of a wind turbine can be explained relatively simply. When the wind presses the rotor blades, the rotor blades move and begin to turn. The kinetic energy of the wind is therefore converted into a rotary motion. Inside the wind turbine there is [...]
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