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MLX 2021 05 LI OP Roboter

Metallux potentiometers in surgical robots

The use of robots in operations still reads like a science fiction novel. In fact, robots are used quite often in surgical interventions. The surgeon assists the robot via a console during the operation. The robot arm implements the instructions entered by the doctor precisely [...]
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MLX 2021 05 LI IoT

Metallux sensors used in the internet of things

The air pressure is a decisive parameter for the weather. When the pressure is high, the weather is usually fine, when the air pressure drops, the weather gets worse.   For example, farmers monitor their harvest by measuring air pressure. The ability to measure air pressure [...]
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MLX 2021 09 LI Entwicklung

The Metallux product development process for customized products

It is well known that many inventions come from Baden-Württemberg. We at Metallux also have our own inventors who take on the requirements of our customer-specific products. The aim here is always to find an individual and practicable solution. The development department is the heart [...]
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MLX 2021 11 LI Druckluftbremse

Metallux pressure sensors in compressed air brakes

How does the braking process work on larger,heavy vehicles? Trucks and buses use compressed air generated by motor energy for braking. Unlike in the PWKs, here the brake fluid and the force on the brake pedal ensure that the car stops. The compressed air is [...]
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MLX 2021 05 LI Traktor

Metallux joysticks in agriculture

The old, noisy tractors that you used to see chugging across the field are a thing of the past. Modern agricultural machines are true technology miracles today. This can already be seen in the driver's cab, which in many vehicles is very similar to an [...]
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MLX 2021 10 LI Patientenliegen

Metallux resistors in patient and therapy chairs

They are available in every type of practice facility - patients and therapy chairs. In addition to being necessary for treatments and therapy sessions, they are now also a fashionable piece of furniture. The loungers are often available in many colors and can be matched [...]
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MLX 2021 09 LI Kommunalmaschinen

Metallux joysticks ensure clean roads

Many of us look forward to the fireworks on New Year's Eve. Each of us also knows what the streets look like after New Year's Eve, especially in the inner cities. By the next day at the latest, all remnants of the night have disappeared [...]
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MLX 2021 08 LI Baukraene

Metallux joysticks in the airy heights

Operating a construction crane is a responsible and, above all, precise activity. Construction crane operators have to be concentrated and act safe. Anyone who has ever seen the workplace of a crane operator can imagine how many levers have to be operated to steer the [...]
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MLX 2021 08 LI Medizinpumpe

Metallux linear sensors in medical pumps 

If a patient needs continuous and reliable supply of painkillers after an operation or if they are seriously ill, medication pumps are often used. The pump contains a syringe filled with the medication. These syringes can be used in a device that set the supply [...]
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