Metallux resistors in wind turbines

MLX 2021 03 LI Windkraftrad

The function of a wind turbine can be explained relatively simply. When the wind presses the rotor blades, the rotor blades move and begin to turn. The kinetic energy of the wind is therefore converted into a rotary motion. Inside the wind turbine there is a generator that is driven by the rotating force. The generator converts the mechanical energy into electrical energy. This energy can then be fed into the energy supply network. Important components of wind turbines are brake resistors as a protective element in the event of a forced shutdown and heating resistors for temperature control of electronic controls, especially in offshore systems. 

Resistors that are used in wind turbines have enormous performance requirements. A high long-term stability of the products and functionality under extreme temperature and humidity conditions are some of the requirements. External voltage sensors ensure an optimal flow of energy and thus manage the interaction of the available energy sources. Metallux power resistors from our PWR and PLR series are used here. 

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