Metallux sensors used in the internet of things

MLX 2021 05 LI IoT

The air pressure is a decisive parameter for the weather. When the pressure is high, the weather is usually fine, when the air pressure drops, the weather gets worse.  

For example, farmers monitor their harvest by measuring air pressure. The ability to measure air pressure is part of a weather station that can monitor various parameters. These parameters form a decision support for pest / disease prognoses or for irrigation management. The recorded data is sent to a cloud-based system and can be read out by the farmers in real time and regardless of where they are. The use of the Internet of Things brings real added value for agriculture. In addition to increasing productivity and the efficiency of work processes, the use of operating resources is optimized at the same time. 

Our pressure sensors CPS 2184 and 2184 Z are part of these weather stations and the future of agriculture.

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