Metallux sensors in crashtest-dummies

MLX 2021 03 LI Dummy

For over 70 years, their knowledge has ensured our vehicle safety – Crashtest Dummies! Since the first models, these dummies have become more and more “intelligent” and can give us more information about what happens to the human body in a vehicle accident. Key fact: the dummy is equipped with sensors that measure the forces in the body in the event of an impact. For example, dummies contain a sensor for determining their path and position in order to find out, how far the chest moves in the event of a crash. Using the chest or rib deformation, the safety of the occupants can be assessed during the entire production development of the vehicle.  

Did you know that the legal certification of vehicle models requires an examination as a physical crash test, i.e. with dummies? A computer simulation is not yet a sufficient parameter for this. The Metallux conductive plastic potentiometer elements (linear and rotary) are used in the measuring systems of the dummies and still provide us with important information in accident research today. 

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