Metallux pressure sensors in compressed air brakes

MLX 2021 11 LI Druckluftbremse

How does the braking process work on larger,heavy vehicles? Trucks and buses use compressed air generated by motor energy for braking. Unlike in the PWKs, here the brake fluid and the force on the brake pedal ensure that the car stops. The compressed air is generated by a motor-driven compressor that works while driving. With the help of a regulator, the pressure in the brake system is used to decide whether air is required or whether it has to be let out. A pump conveys the air into the brake system or lets it out of the system. When braking, the force is transferred to the brake via pistons and cylinders; the handbrake can only be released if there is sufficient compressed air in the brake system. This procedure increases vehicle safety.

Our pressure sensors CPS 1184 and CPS 1184 Z are ideally suited for use in compressed air brakes due to their high media resistance and long-term stability. 

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