Metallux potentiometers in surgical robots

MLX 2021 05 LI OP Roboter

The use of robots in operations still reads like a science fiction novel. In fact, robots are used quite often in surgical interventions. The surgeon assists the robot via a console during the operation. The robot arm implements the instructions entered by the doctor precisely and without trembling on the patient, even after a 12-hour shift. Robots and computers act as the surgeon's assistant during the procedure, so the robot can make cuts more precisely than manually. Surgical robots not only help with cutting, but also repair and sew. But can robots completely replace medical staff during an operation?  

Probably not, because too many decisions have to be made during an operation. In addition, the medical experience cannot be learned by a robot. Despite everything, the use of surgical robots is an important development of our technological possibilities. Metallux potentiometers are used in the robot arms. The position of the robot arm can be determined with the Metallux membrane sensors. 

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