Metallux linear sensors in medical pumps 

MLX 2021 08 LI Medizinpumpe

If a patient needs continuous and reliable supply of painkillers after an operation or if they are seriously ill, medication pumps are often used. The pump contains a syringe filled with the medication. These syringes can be used in a device that set the supply of the medication. The advantage is clear: the supply of an infusion pump ensures a constant amount of active ingredient in the blood and prevents overdosing or underdosing. Taking the ingredient via tablets always results in a fluctuation in the medication level in the blood.

Metallux linear sensors are installed in medication pumps and give the device feedback on how much medication is still in the syringe. In this way, the input of the medicine can also be monitored. In addition to our potentiometer element, our MTP-L linear sensor can be used in these applications. 

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