Metallux joysticks in the airy heights

MLX 2021 08 LI Baukraene

Operating a construction crane is a responsible and, above all, precise activity. Construction crane operators have to be concentrated and act safe. Anyone who has ever seen the workplace of a crane operator can imagine how many levers have to be operated to steer the machine. Thanks to radio remote control, the crane operator no longer has to sit in the crane's cab to fully control it. Nevertheless, the principle is the same: the crane operator must intuitively master the complex controls using a joystick. Regardless of whether at lofty heights or on the ground, you have to be able to rely on the technology for control.

Our robust Metallux joysticks are used in crane control systems. With our multi-axis joysticks, the end of the crane can be steered forwards or backwards, and the load can be raised or lowered. Various other functions can also be carried out with our joysticks. We thought of ergonomic handling and designed the joysticks for long-term continuous use.

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