Metallux joysticks in agriculture

MLX 2021 05 LI Traktor

The old, noisy tractors that you used to see chugging across the field are a thing of the past. Modern agricultural machines are true technology miracles today. This can already be seen in the driver's cab, which in many vehicles is very similar to an aircraft cockpit. Equipped with monitors and complex multifunctional armrests with included joysticks, tractors offer a high level of control comfort. Nowadays, tractors can even drive independently, a computer-controlled system with satellite navigation makes it possible. With the joysticks built into the armrest, various functions can be controlled and certain characteristics of the tractor can be adjusted.

Our Metallux hand-joystick MJ-30K was developed for demanding operating functions in mobile machines and other human-machine interfaces where compactness and grip functionality are important. Equipped with our Hall technology or based on a potentiometer, the MJ-30K is a durable and reliable joystick for forestry and agricultural machines. 

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